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  • Mr. McClay has been instrumental in raising venture capital and operations consulting for international mining, exploration, agriculture, and health care businesses.

  • Holds over 10 years of senior management experience, where he was influential in the development of corporate strategy, operations, and marketing platforms. Cole is a skilled team builder who supervised management teams from the business start-up phase through to whole company acquisition. 

  • Mr. McClay holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Royal Roads University.


  • Mr. Garcia has worked as a Tax Auditor in Mexico for the Tax Administration Service (SAT), for the past 4 years

  • Master´s Degree in Legal Mexican Taxes from the Western Institute of Business Capacitation in Guadalajara

  • Graduated in Public Accounting from University of Sonora

  • Former General Accountant in the firm of DFK International, Hermosillo Sonora

  • Former Auditor in the firm of Sonora Professional.


  • Mr. Duarte is a practising lawyer located in Hermosillo, Mexico, with more than 20 years of experience as counsellor and legal representative of international mining companies operating in Mexico

  • Throughout the years, he has participated in the creation, acquisition, sale, merger, spinoff, and joint venturing of mining projects throughout Mexico. He has vast experience in the acquisition of mining concessions involving government, private and ejido-owned properties

  • He specializes in developing community and Ejido relationships in Mexican mining regions, along with managing compliance and environmental laws.

  • He has obtained mine exploration and exploitation permits for natural areas protected by the Mexican state.

  • Mr. Duarte's practice has assisted mining companies in obtaining permits to use Mexican territorial water rights, along with development of environmental permits and he has also practised archeological law and on which he has published in specialized journals


  • Mr. Trelles Monge is a geologist with more than 40 years of experience in geological consulting, environmental geology, geotechnics, assessment of natural hazards and risks, development and promotion of mining projects operating in Mexico

  • He has acted in the position of executive management as well as a member of several boards of directors of both public and private mining companies in Canada and Mexico Mr. Trelles was the director-general of mining promotion of the state of Sonora, assistant director of mining resources of Mexico's Geological Survey

  • He was also president of the Association of Mining Engineers, Metallurgists and Geologists of Mexico, Civil Association (Asociación de Ingenieros de Minas, Metalurgistas, y Geologos de Mexico A.C.) and chairman of the College of Mining Engineers, Metallurgists and Geologists of Mexico, Civil Association (Colegio de Ingenieros de Minas, Metalurgistas y Geologos de Mexico A.C.).


  • Mr. Bronson has been a geologist with Rae-co Consulting Ltd. since 1991 and Mr. Bronson's 30 years of experience as a geologist means he has sufficient skills to manage complex technical aspects of mineral exploration and mineral project development for Mojave Gold Corp.

  • BSc, geology, from the University of Alberta in 1984 and obtained his PGeo from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia in 2001


  • Mr. McClay has worked as a management consultant with mining companies in South America and North America

  • A number of years of corporate finance, investment banking and capital market experience focused on the mining industry

  • Has worked on numerous public and private equity offerings, valuations, fairness opinions, and merger and acquisition transactions

  • Has served on the board of Cicada Ventures, Stealth Resources and Mosquito Creek Mines

  • Will be focused on the management of the company through all phases to ensure successful exploration programs


  • Ph.D. Economic Geology, University of Nevada

  • 24 years industry experience in technical, management and executive roles

  • Head of Mineral Exploration Department at the Mexican Geological Survey

  • Professor, Co-Advisor & Member of the Academic Committee for geological and geophysical post graduate programs at the Mexican Geological Survey in cooperation with several Mexican Universities

  • Consulting Geologist on mineral exploration and mining projects throughout Mexico